Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip seed oil contains a high percentage of omega, similar to other vegetable oils. Omega 3 and 6, retinol and vitamin A content are known to have very significant positive effects on the skin. In addition to its rich Omega content, it is also rich in vitamins and has vitamins A, E and C.
Rosehip seed oil has a sweet, sour and fruity odor when it is smelled. The oil, which is in liquid form at room temperature, has a fatty acid content of about 29.3%, and approximately 100 ml of rosehip oil contains 47 mg of α- and β-Toçopherol. The density of the oil was measured at 15 ° C 0.9270 kg / l. With this measured value, it can be said that it is a dense oil.

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